Анастасия Волочкова высказалась о скандале с избиением бывшего водителя Famous ballerina has denied involvement in the attack on Alexander Skirtach. A man who worked at celebrity, was attacked by unknown intruders. He believes that his “ordered”.
Анастасия Волочкова высказалась о скандале с избиением бывшего водителя

Former driver Anastasia Volochkova Alexander Skirtach decided to break the silence and spoke in detail about relations with a dancer. According to the man, it almost cost him his life, because Alexander made a brutal attack.

The driver of Anastasia Volochkova responded to the accusations of theft

“The main blow under the heart. The breath was completely knocked down, followed by the second blow. Then they began to beat me on the stomach and groin area”, – said Skirtach in an interview for the program “New Russian sensations”.
Анастасия Волочкова высказалась о скандале с избиением бывшего водителя

Alexander visited the doctor, who handed down a disappointing verdict: the man had a hematoma of the abdominal cavity. Besides, he broke a rib. Later former driver Anastasia Volochkova admitted that he can’t breathe and pain in the heart sometimes do not go all day.

In a candid interview with the man said that he felt tender feelings for his former boss. However, their relationship has been discord, then Anastasia began to threaten him. “I as a woman I respect, appreciate and love, but she insults my wife. She writes me in the middle of the night, often come free with the threats,” says Alexander.

Анастасия Волочкова высказалась о скандале с избиением бывшего водителя

She, the ballerina said that he knew nothing about the attack on Skirtach and attacks the driver her address cause stars bewilderment and laughter.

“The criminal case on my application is open and is gaining momentum. Show the person and deeds of Alexander crook Skirtach – a matter of honor. Now it found people affected by fraud Skirtach. I hope my lawyer will help us to reach out to the truth”, – told Anastasia about scandalous stories in his Instagram.

We will remind, earlier Volochkova accused the driver that he forged her signature on documents, stealing money. However, patience ballerina overwhelmed in the moment when Alexander told her that his mother died. The man took the stars in debt more than two hundred thousand rubles, and later it turned out that his relative is alive.

In the broadcast of Anastasia was able to contact the mother of Alexander and talk to her. Shocked ballerina noted that 100% trust his former driver, and Skirtach and all hoped for something more. “He has confessed to me in love, send a romantic SMS. One even said that divorces his wife,” – said the ballerina, demonstrating correspondence with a former driver.

Fans of the actress are sure that justice will prevail, and Volochkova will be able to prove his innocence in court. However, Alexander Skirtach resolute: the man has repeatedly said it will not allow Anastasia to publicly insult him.