Анастасия Волочкова рассказала о своей свадьбе
In the life of a ballerina, it seems, change is coming.

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Volochkova again intrigued the public. A few days ago she flew to Phuket. Fans thought it was just another holiday stars. But it was much more interesting!

“I came to scout the place for a wedding!” she said casually in his personal blog.

Fans were worried, Anastasia is once again going to get married? And for whom?

All these questions raised Anastasia in social networks, remained unanswered. Volochkova, may, and published in the Network every step of the way (or rather, twine), but never consults with followers and it is such an important decision, be sure to make.

By the way, officially, the ballerina was not married never. Despite the fact that she was already two luxury wedding with the father of her daughter Arina — businessman Igor Vdovin, after their separation revealed that to the Registrar’s office they never came.

As for her current chosen one, then it became known about it only recently. 14 Feb Anastasia published in a personal blog photo with a lovely man called his. In a very short time the subscribers Volochkova found out that her lover’s name is Michael, he’s 40, and he is an active user of the Dating site, where, until recently, had posted his profile. It was reported that a man working in the hospitality industry and lives in Anapa. Of course, this information was “unearthed” haters of the stars who remembered her and the sex scandal and the story of the driver, stole her a large sum of money and much more.

Fans of the ballerina had hoped that this time next Anastasia worthy choice that won’t be as vile and hypocritical as the previous boyfriend of the actress the red Bunkers. We will remind, autumn of last year the Network got naughty pictures made Zotova during intimacy with Volochkova.