Анастасия Волочкова рассказала о болезни отца Dad scandalous ballerina here ten years now, I can’t speak. The man is still not recovered after the stroke. The famous daughter is always there with a paralyzed father. Anastasia told about his condition in the “When all the houses”.
Анастасия Волочкова рассказала о болезни отца

Anastasia and her family – daughter and mother – became the heroes of the program “When all the houses” on channel Russia 1. Permanent host Timur Kizyakov the third time comes to visit a dancer and knows many family secrets, Anastasia.

The first time was TV near Anastasia was still her father – Yuri F., but last year Pope ballerinas are seen.

Volochkova told how almost a decade ago, dad suffered a stroke and still can not recover. “Nastya does everything that Yura survived,” commented the ratio of the daughter to the situation of her mother.

“Papa says 10 years. He has a paralyzed right side. It is a tragedy. When a person cannot Express his thoughts – that is of course grief,” said Anastasia.
Анастасия Волочкова рассказала о болезни отца

The consequences of a stroke that Yury Fedorovich has experienced in 60 years, was more than heavy – except for partial paralysis – loss of ability to speak. Volochkov lives in St. Petersburg and his daughter as he can support the father. Dad is a ballerina in a past athlete – he was a champion of the Soviet Union, table tennis, and later a coach in athletics.

Анастасия Волочкова рассказала о болезни отца

Anastasia infinitely grateful to my parents, including my father for the sacrifices that they went for her ballet career.

So, Yuri Fedorovich decided to sell the apartment and buy a new one in another district, to daughter it was convenient to simultaneously engage in school Vaganova and dance their first games at the Mariinsky.

But the deal never took place, Volochkova simply cheated and they stayed on the street. Anastasia says in the program “When all the houses” that the Pope has then supported their favorite girls and did everything to rectify the situation. “He’s such an optimist. Said that would just be patient and all will be well. Said and done”, – said Anastasia.