Anastasia Volochkova showed the man she loved

Анастасия Волочкова показала любимого мужчину
Ballerina boasted gifts and their own achievements.

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Volochkova — the unique character of our time. She has no complexes, she is deprived of the capacity for self-criticism, and yet she was not offended by negative comments online. Moreover, there is a sense that they amuse her.

Ballerina first realized how became popular in the Network a photo of her with twine. After the first Maldives images it constantly, for several years, does the splits in neojidannyh places: in the bath, on the roof of the limo, on my bed, in boats, Spa etc.

Periodically, the star gets caught up in various scandals. Its driver turns out to be a criminal, ex-girlfriend publicly accused her of providing sexual services for money… And whatever was going on in her life, she always tells the true facts in his personal blog.

It happened and now. Once in a lifetime Volochkova there was a man, she immediately introduced him to the world online. However, the face is not shown, but hinted that the person who is beside her, very wealthy and reliable. How could it be otherwise? However, She insists everything she has from the financial benefits, she has earned herself by their own labor. As expressed in a Network of fan: “Naturavila”.

“I am real and sincere, without a trace of modesty says Volochkova. — A trip to the Maldives! I write from a plane, it’s me too! Donated white “Maybach” — me! Black will also be for harmony! Don’t worry! It is already there! Favorite white roses for me! Hug a loved one — me too! Tracksuit personally gave, do not be nervous. So, happiness to me! All that I have, I DESERVE! Incredible work! And, my dear, after what I have achieved and done and danced, believe me, I can do everything!”