Anastasia Volochkova shocked fans

Анастасия Волочкова шокировала поклонников

We used the twines of the famous Russian ballerina Anastasia Volchkova, we saw her microbikini, but the last photo which celebrity has posted on his page in the social network, shocked even those who had seen it all.

Anastasia is now in the Crimea on tour, and during a visit to one of the SPA centers of Yalta, the celebrity decided to take photos in the buff. And in the mud. It is known that the famous Saki mud have healing effect. So it is not known that Anastasia was treated, but smeared from head to toe.

In the comments to the photo Volochkova made mention of his many haters who dream to smear it with dirt. But not everyone appreciated the idea of Nude photos, there were those who said that unsubscribes from the page Volochkova because I was tired of cords and nudity.

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