Anastasia Volochkova shocked fans with deformed feet

Анастасия Волочкова шокировала поклонников деформированными стопами
The legs of the ballerina terrified seasoned Internet users.


Photo: Instagram

Anastasia once
again shocked fans posted a photo. However, this time the ballerina
showed no nudity, and tired after a three-hour rehearsal legs.

“Here are the legs after three hours
rehearsals, commented on the published star. — That’s why my foot is always in
clans (with special bandages to treat injuries — approx. ed.). And these work-worn calluses I’m very proud of. And believe me, there is nothing. They are more beautiful than corn
tongues evil and envious of people who can not forgive success and beauty. But
this is a fee for success. The Crimea is waiting for. The day after the departure. We will have 8 performances
in a row”.

Comments to this publication
it was several times more than other posts Nasti. Subscribers stars the
frankly terrified. The picture shows how deformed the joints of the foot Volochkova.

“Oh, and whether your work
this?” “That’s a hammertoe! And disabled can become!” “Poor feet!”,
“God, what the bones and all because of art!”, wrote fans of Nastia.

Apparently She decided to show those
invariably happily leaving under each of her posts snide and angry
comments, along with demonstration of figures at leisure, in the life of a ballerina there
everyday drudgery.

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