Anastasia Volochkova shocked by the betrayal of a close person

Анастасия Волочкова потрясена предательством близкого человека Ballerina parted with a servant who worked for her for ten years. Once Heaven seemed Anastasia Volochkova reliable support. However, over time the star came to the conclusion that the woman take advantage of her for personal gain.

Recently Anastasia Volochkova often betray close people. A few months ago ballerina was faced with the deception of a driver who, according to star, used her trust and appropriated large sums of money. However, the former employee of the celebrity denies any wrongdoing. Recently it became clear that Anastasia did not fair her former housekeeper of Paradise. The woman worked at Volochkova over a decade, but over time began to amaze her strange behavior.

Former driver Volochkova has refused to apologize for stealing money

According to Anastasia, she was allotted Heaven large sums of money – about 140 thousand rubles per month, of which half were wage women. The remaining funds were intended for food and household needs. Volochkova said that the housekeeper regularly taken from home food and other things, including expensive gifts to close friends. So, once Anastasia noticed that Heaven wraps the coat of the Italian brand, bought her daughter Ariadne Nikolai Baskov.

“I wanted her faithfulness was rewarded, and I’ve taken all of this to fruition. Until I realized that my kindness enjoy spending my money on their needs. I started to control the flow of products, said that now the money will come on a special card. And Paradise has changed a lot. The last time she was so brazen that even stopped giving Breakfast to my child,” Anastasia said.

There was a time when Volochkova employee promised to buy her an apartment worth about three million rubles. The actress was willing to splurge on an expensive gift Heaven, to reward her for her faithfulness. When a few years ago robbed the star’s house in Lianozovo, mother Anastasia questioned the honesty of its workers. However Volochkova did not think that Heaven is involved in the daring attack. Now the star has no doubt about it.

“Then I found out that her son was convicted for killing a man in a drunken brawl. Her husband is also the man criminal case. But I much turned a blind eye, because when you robbed my rented house in Lianozovo, Heaven, too, was the victim. Her husband is retired, but she stayed on my team. Then I thought: here is the loyalty,” said star.

Then Anastasia realized why her employee so long did not quit. “Because she never will find such salaries and such guardianship. From the heavens a beautiful room in my house,” says the celebrity.

Now Volochkova is running a couple of Tajiks. The couple are grateful to the star for their hospitality. “They had a baby, said: you are probably expel us”, Anastasia said with the publication of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”. But Volochkova, on the contrary, went to meet the man and the woman, and helped them with the purchase of baby things.