Anastasia Volochkova revealed the truth about working in adult films

Анастасия Волочкова раскрыла правду о работе в фильмах для взрослых Ballerina made accusations defamed her Alex Leslie. According to Anastasia Volochkova, sex coach, announced her plans to star in a porn Director Pierre Woodman, just wants to attract extra attention.
Анастасия Волочкова раскрыла правду о работе в фильмах для взрослых

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova once again caught the attention of the public. Haven’t social media users to forget, as the hackers released intimate photos of women, like the actress as she was back in the center of the scandal.

This time the Belarusian Alexander Kirilov, also known as the sex coach, Leslie said that Anastasia was supposedly going to appear in porn. According to him, it is known under the pseudonym of “Hunter Squirrel”. Leslie claims that met the actress a year ago. Later Kirilov persuaded her to take part in the filming of an adult film. In the nearest plans of Hunting Squirrels – work with French Director Pierre Woodman.

Kirilov stressed that in recent time the interest to Volochkova has increased. Leslie has published a screenshot of the statistics of search queries in “Yandex”. According to Alexander, scandal intimate photos have increased the popularity of the ballerina Network. So I am sure Leslie, if Anastasia will star in the film for adults, it will become even more popular.

Journalists contacted Anastasia Volochkova with a request to comment on the information which appeared in social networks. The star was outraged by such speculation. According to Anastasia, they have no relation to reality. Statement of Leslie Volochkova explained his desire to attract more attention. Anastasia believes that Kirilov purposely slandered her. She also stressed that this is not the first case when Leslie distorts the real situation.

“I don’t know, haven’t seen him or heard about him. He made his advertising. Never know who says what. He only comes up with neither” – said Volochkova.

She noted that Leslie can speak about anyone, just to cause a public outcry.

Earlier Volochkova commented on the scandalous photos, which depicted a woman like her. The dancer said he was not going to make excuses.

“If someone decided to use me as a tool of their PR, then God will judge him. Everyone stirs the sex Volochkova, now you can sleep peacefully. I have it right, and those who have no sex, and he puts such pictures. Disgusting, of course. A shame that who it exposes. The strong do not need excuses and they are weak will not help. I can’t and won’t make excuses for the actions of scum”, Anastasia said.

During a recent conversation with journalists of REN TV Volochkova also said it was ready to defend his honor in court.