Анастасия Волочкова отказалась от 22 квартир в Астрахани The representative of the ballerina has told about the property, which is available in stars. Earlier it was reported that the state of Anastasia Volochkova is estimated at 244 million rubles. The young woman hastened to clarify the question about his fabulous wealth.

Anastasia Volochkova tells about her fabulous life. The ballerina has a chic cottage in the suburbs, and loves to relax in the best hotels in the Maldives and the UAE. Recently former driver star Alexander Skirtach told me that his boss is the owner of as many as 22 apartments in Astrakhan.

A convicted driver Volochkova revealed her fabulous fortune in 244 million

Representative Anastasia Volochkova were quick to comment on the words of men. He does not deny that the dancer actually owns several apartments, but real estate in Astrakhan it is absolutely not necessary.

“Anastasia, indeed, have an apartment and house in Moscow, housing St. Petersburg, and last year it paid about 300 thousand rubles, the property tax. As for the apartments in Astrakhan, it is a business project ex-husband Volochkova Igor Vdovin. Anastasia gave him a loan of $ 3 million, and now these apartments he is trying to repay the debt. But Volochkova don’t need them, she refuses and asks them to return the money,” – said the representative of the ballerina.

Previously, Anastasia told me that the former husband owed her a decent amount of money. The couple haven’t spoken since the divorce, but for the sake of the birthday of his daughter reconciled. Igor Vdovin appeared at the ceremony with gifts and even made some joint photos with Volochkova.

Anastasia never denied that earns a lot. According to star, she deserves a good home and a nice car, because for many years engaged in ballet. The actress amassed a decent fortune, but was repeatedly injured on the scene.

Volochkova sure Skirtach has no right to talk about her income. She urged to closely monitor what the prisoner.

“And wishing to count other people’s money, I can advise to pay attention to Skitaca. Why is he under arrest, has some blogs on the Internet. Now so it is accepted”, – said the ballerina.

Now Anastasia has finally found personal happiness. After numerous scandals, accusations of escorts and betrayals of workers, Volochkova was able to find strength in a new relationship. According to star, Michael choice earns much less than her, but the dancer is not a bit worried. She enjoys socializing with a man who was able to rally around her.

According to the information portal Dni.ru, Volochkova no documents confirming their ownership of 22 apartments in Astrakhan. Young woman in any way intend to abandon this property to get the debt from ex-husband’s cash.