Anastasia Volochkova prepares to give birth to a son

Анастасия Волочкова готовится родить сына

In recent years, childbearing age of women was strongly shifted forward. If the woman in 30 years decides to become a mother, was considered staracademy, now that word is inappropriate, because after 40 women do not deprive themselves of the opportunity to experience this happy experience.

Evelina Bledans dared to have a baby after forty. Now in an interesting position stays Alla Dovlatov, which for 42 years. Thinking about the birth of her second child and ballerina Anastasia Volochkova.

41-year-old dancer has hinted to his fans that may soon become the mother of a son. On his page in Instagram she published the children, which left a very confusing comment: “I have 6 children of my friend Eugene! The only girl — my goddaughter Eva-Maria. But in his hands, Jack gave me Elisha, because I want to give birth to a son!”.

Someone asked Anastasia who sees the role of the second child, and someone even suggested that the dancer in the position of: “Oh, you’re pregnant! How beautiful! I am really glad….A good and easy pregnancy…And let do be a boy….”, “It would be good twins boys you have, the defenders of the future and a mother’s joy!)..but not heavy wear, just in situation! the baby)!”, “A good dream! And realize it’s not too late,” wrote Anastasia in the comments.

Many questions Volochkova has yet to answer. So far from explaining comments she refrained.