Anastasia Volochkova no money to pay for utilities

Анастасии Волочковой нечем платить за коммунальные услуги
Ballerina has serious debts.


Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

Anastasia admitted she is now in a deplorable financial situation. According to the ballerina, she has serious money problems. She couldn’t even pay for utilities. Debt for apartment Volochkova is 137 thousand rubles.

Thus before monthly Anastasia spent about a million on the maintenance of a country mansion area of 900 square meters, and driver’s salary, the AU pair, office rent and other needs.

Financial difficulties began Volochkova after she gave in debt all accumulated money to his ex-husband Igor Vdovin. but Anastasia back their money already received. We are talking about the amount of three million dollars. According to the ballerina, the businessman gave her back only a small part of the borrowed amount. By oral agreement, Igor, allegedly promised to help her with paying the needs of their total daughter — Arina, but recently stopped to help Anastasia with money.

The artist is very concerned that the incident could not provide her daughter a decent standard of living. “It’s hard for me to raise the Arish of one, because she sometimes orders over the Internet some cheap stuff says: mom, it’s not expensive, I’ll order it, it is 400 rubles… mom, dad owe you money, I know that we don’t have them!” — said Volochkova in the show “You wouldn’t believe!”. At the same time, children Vdovina from his second marriage, according to Volochkova, studying in an expensive private school and have need of nothing.