Anastasia Volochkova made fun of the strange pictures in a tiny bikini

Анастасию Волочкову высмеяли за странные снимки в крошечном бикини Ballerina resting on the Maldives in the company of a new lover. Anastasia actively sharing sexually explicit photos, which have in mind not all of her fans. Many fans of the stars say that the footage with her look, to put it mildly, strange.

Anastasia Volochkova used to shock the audience with unexpected candid photos. Star dares to wear a tiny swimsuit, she is in excellent physical shape. Now the dancer is resting with a new boyfriend in the Maldives. She enjoys sharing Sunny photos, showing followers your body in all its glory.

One of the last pictures of Anastasia surprised her fans. It star appeared in a bright swimsuit with a curtain on his head.

“How are you, dear? Allowed myself to be lazy, but the shape of the shore”, signed photograph of the actress.

Apparently, Volochkova wanted to simulate the image of the bride. She used the hashtag #wedding. However, fans of the stars were not in awe of her creative experiments. Many of them admitted that the ballerina looks weird. “Why the curtain to wrap around the head? I don’t understand”, “Nastya, stop it! Choose a more modest outfit, especially you now have a favorite male, And I think it’s cool that such a famous girl with a sense of humor to us”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the actress.

Beach images star is not the first time confuse her followers. Volochkova loves to be naked during the holidays, choosing tiny swimwear.

Previously Anastasia has frankly told about the new novel. She posted a photograph while kissing with her lover.

“Look, it’s me. True and sincere. A trip to the Maldives! Writing from the plane – is also me. Donated white Maybach! Black will also be for harmony! It is already there! Favorite white roses for me! Hug a loved one – I, too”, – said Volochkova in Instagram.

The star has said repeatedly that her heart is free, and she is ready for a relationship with serious, honest man. Apparently, Volochkova was finally able to find happiness.

Fans of Anastasia confident that she deserved caring man. 2017 was very difficult for dancers, because she became the heroine of several high-profile scandals. First, she was deceived by the driver, and after the artist was accused of unfair actions of the housekeeper. Autumn in the Network appeared candid photos involving Volochkova, who made her former lover.

The actress said that she works very hard, so deserves a rest in warmth and comfort. Now ballerina sunbathing, swimming in the ocean and the pool. Soon she will return to Moscow, because in 2018 Volochkova scheduled at many shows.