Анастасия Волочкова «помогла» аферистке заработать 100 тысяч евро

Recently, the Network appeared the statement of a Dmitry Tulemisova, Director of the Agency “Stars of Moscow”, which said that Anastasia Volochkova ballerina, trading their visits with a spicy continuation.

Tulenina claimed that she had taken money from him ostensibly for a date with a great man, and refused to follow the terms of the transaction, not returning with this mandated amount.

While some wondered whether this information is true, reporters chose to review first hand and asked Volochkova question directly – if she knows Dmitry Tulemisova and it actually is this story.

The ballerina admitted that the head of the Agency “Stars of Moscow” didn’t hear any money from anybody did not take: “the first time I hear that name. I have a lot of admirers, it’s no secret. I bouquets of roses every day at photos in his Instagram. And, apparently, the haters can’t forgive.”

According to Anastasia some of the oligarchs are willing to pay for it 100 thousand euros, however, the agreement occurs without intermediaries: “I never hid the fact that I have friends-the oligarchs, who consider it an honor to meet me, to meet, to support my charity projects. And business meet and work. If the person is interesting to me, I continue to communicate with him and be friends. This is my personal life. Why would I want to work through any agents? There is a very easy way: I opened a personal page or Instagram, you can see the phones official representatives of the artist, call and make an appointment. I had such fun. Some 100 thousand Euro was posted just for me. I do not deny that interesting wealthy men.”

Volochkova admitted to journalists that know what might be behind this story and Tuleneva. We are talking about a certain swindler named Inga, which is profiting from the sale of meetings with Volochkova, while not having absolutely no relation to it.

Anastasia says that he met Inga and tried to explain that she earn she will not allow. But she got stubborn and just let go of tidbit is not going: “There’s a man who has long sought a meeting with me, tried to meet you. His aides found in Moscow a lady named Inga, who promised to arrange a meeting. She turned to her friend, the friend of Prokhor Chaliapin. U got me: “Nastya, a very wealthy and decent man wants to meet you. He lives outside Moscow.” I warned Prokhorov: “I in these games do not play, but if this man is willing to support my children’s charity project, to meet, to discuss cooperation[…]it is now known that behind my back Inga asked this man: “And what kind of money you can offer to meet up with Anastasia?” She kept postponing our meeting, pulling his amount with excuses saying She is busy now, to see can not. People sent me flowers, fruit baskets, she asked me to be photographed with the gifts and sent him these pictures with the words: “All good gifts and the money handed over to Anastasia!”

Later, said Volochkova, she managed to contact the “victims”, who admitted that the organization of the meeting with Nastya, he has given Inge is 100 thousand euros: “Allegedly, these funds were intended for my tour in Krasnodar Krai. Now the businessman is trying to get their money back from Inga. A crook, to justify, reproduce me false rumors”.


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