Анастасия Волочкова поделилась деталями будущей свадьбы The dancer gave an interview in which he told about the planned marriage ceremony. Some time ago a fan made star and heart. In recognition of Anastasia Volochkova, a mysterious man whose name she does not hurry to disclose, occupied an important place in her life.

Recently Anastasia Volochkova said that a wealthy admirer made her an offer of marriage. A bold move was an absolute surprise for the stars, so she did not hurry with the decision. In a recent interview, the ballerina has revealed some details of the intended celebration.

“Have already decided everything. I promise you only one thing: my wedding will not be worse than the previous one. Then I changed dresses seven times, will now increase the number by half,” – shared the star.

Anastasia does not advertise relationship with the alleged groom, explaining that her admirer is secured and not public person. In order to make an offer Volochkova man came to the Crimea, where the dancer gave several charity concerts.

Now the star is resting in Greece. She puts a joint photo with the alleged groom, but almost every shot tells that happy.

Fans are sure that the heart star is not free, and it really is going to marry. Some of them have already managed to congratulate her with the engagement. “Always rejoice in your successes. Anastasia, you’re a big lad”, “I Wish you happiness in your personal life and a really good lover nearby,” support Volochkova fans.

The ballerina said that the hype surrounding a possible wedding seems amazing. According to Anastasia, she is often the center of male attention.

“What is surprising is that I was offered a hand and heart? I always received such offers. I am a beautiful woman who likes men. But in this case it’s more serious. This man occupied an important place in my life”, – said the ballerina.

Volochkova really basks in male attention, as she regularly shares photos of expensive things that she was presented with the fans. The most favorite gift of the star is considered to be white Maybach, which gave her a year ago.

In an interview with “Interlocutor” Anastasia told that is slow in response, because it is absorbed in charity work and work. After a short holiday in Greece, the ballerina is going to be back on stage with new performances.