Анастасия Волочкова ответила на обвинения  проституции

Anastasia Volochkova is no stranger to take a punch because of the prostitution charges with the Director of the Agency “Stars of Moscow” Dmitry Tulemisova ballerina replied simply, and also promised not to let it go and allow you to understand the situation to law enforcement: “I want to say one thing: I don’t want to forgive success, beauty, freedom, independence, what I love is that my feet beautiful men with gifts, “miyagami”, with armfuls of white roses, standing in line to date me. This I can not forgive and will not ever. All! And nonsense and provocation, I will not comment“.

We will remind, yesterday in mass media there was information that Anastasia is engaged in the oldest profession.

According to Dmitry Tulemisova, Anastasia “threw” a wealthy Azerbaijani businessman, promising to join him in an intimate relationship, but at the last moment refused to do so.

The issue price amounted to 40 thousand dollars. However, after receiving the advance payment of 25 thousand dollars, Volochkova under the pretext that she needed to rest and gather forces closed in another room and didn’t come back to the businessman.

Morning ballerina gathered her things and left. Money dancer, of course, not returned.


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