Anastasia Volochkova has accused a former lover of alcoholism

Анастасия Волочкова обвинила бывшего возлюбленного в алкоголизме Ballerina insulted Michael in the social network. Anastasia tried not to comment on the reasons for the separation with the choice. Now the star basks in the attention of a new admirer.
Анастасия Волочкова обвинила бывшего возлюбленного в алкоголизме

A few months ago, Anastasia Volochkova presented to the fans new lover. He was a programmer named Michael. The couple developed rapidly, and soon the man had moved to a chic country house ballerina.

The ballerina and her partner together putishestvovali. Volochkova never tired of repeating that she doesn’t care about low wages chosen. However, recently it became known that the lovers are parted. Anastasia and Michael chose not to comment on the reasons for the gap. Soon, a young woman boasted a photo of a gorgeous ring, which gave her a new fan.

Apparently, the situation hurt Michael. Men became less likely to appear in social networks. The other day his sister Lyudmila posted a photo of his brother, saying that he is experiencing not the best period.

“Big brother got bored. Hold on, coming soon,” – said Lyudmila.

Anastasia couldn’t stay on the sidelines and commented on the post, dedicated to the former chosen one. She stated that Michael expresses her gratitude for the gift of love. Apparently, the star still harbors a grudge against ex-lover.

“Bored? So good people do not appreciate. And what to do with it? Come and help. Luda, you are all in my house lived. Tell me little brother not to drink and stay human, at least in relation to the woman he and your family gave kindness, warmth, love and comfort of my home,” said the ballerina.

Fans of ex-lovers immediately divided into two camps. Many of them supported Volochkova, but there were also those who condemned it for being excessively aggressive. “Why Anastasia came to the page to the sister of former and rude? Still can not calm down”, “From the very beginning it was clear that the relationship will fail. She was used to rich men, But I had warned Michael that he did not climb in show business. But he wanted to be a star, let him disentangle” – opinions of fans Volochkova.

Most fans of the star came to the conclusion that the breakup occurred because of the different social status of the lovers. Michael could not provide a ballerina that luxurious life to which she was accustomed. Apparently, the gap was not too quiet, and Anastasia has a grudge against the ex-chosen one.

Now, however, Volochkova truly happy in a new relationship. She does not tire of emphasizing that she deserved and expensive gifts, and the attention of wealthy men. Despite the presence of rich fans, the dancer continues to work hard and to do charity work, getting from this incredible pleasure.