Анастасия Волочкова требует с экс-любовника десять миллионов долларов Ballerina ready to forgive a man if he’s going to pay her. According to Anastasia Volochkova her reputation was seriously damaged. Proceeds from the businessman means the star is planning to spend on a new show program.

In mid-November, Anastasia was in the midst of another scandal. Her ex-boyfriend red Bunkers posted erotic photos with dancers, and later began to deny any involvement in the incident. The man’s act has angered the star, and she hastened to apply to the Investigative Committee.

Now, Anastasia intends by any means to seek justice. However, the ballerina is ready to forgive a boyfriend on the condition that he will pay her compensation.

“Now he will have to pay ten million dollars to compensate me for moral damages. I need a new show to do. And ten million dollars as an apology I’ll accept. He positions himself as an entrepreneur, that means that the money should be. Well, if he’s rogue, I and ten million rubles agree,” – said Volochkova.

According to star, she’s not materialistic. Moreover, Anastasia is ready to love even the most ordinary man, if he will have a big heart. But spiritual poverty for young women is not acceptable. She’s convinced of his rightness, and so will fight with Chermen Zotovab to the bitter end.

Heart Anastasia free, and despite the constant scandals associated with her name, a ballerina still hopes to meet his love.

“In my life were different men. Some gave me fancy cars, others just left a beautiful trail. However, I believe that there is on the planet the same man. He comes to me and we will meet”, – said the ballerina.

We also found out that Volochkova intends to sue not only offended her Chermen Zotovas, but with a certain businesswoman who accused dancer in the sex for money in the program “the Stars aligned”. According to Anastasia, she will not allow anyone to besmirch his good name, and any negative statement about her in the end, will be punished according to the law.

Despite the number of problems that have befallen her, the dancer is not going to give up. In an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda” she told me that she is going large to celebrate the New year in the Maldives, and then to begin preparations for a revolutionary dance show.