Анастасия Волочкова с размахом отметила день рождения дочери On the occasion of the birthday of the only daughter Ariadne ballerina threw a party in your own home. The star decided to congratulate the heiress with her 11-year anniversary, and of course, Schoolgirls dream holiday.

      Anastasia Volochkova has decided to celebrate the feast of the daughter not only on September 23rd, but the 24th. Ballerina felt that one day is not enough to fully enjoy this event. Earlier, the actress shared with subscribers of a photo gift that’s made for Ariadne – in shower. She was supposed to be a replacement tub. How appreciated the practicality of the choice daughter, Volochkova said.

      To the party last Friday, 11-year-old Ariadna invited close friends to their posts on the social network mentioned the girl’s mother. Volochkova did not hide from followers of all joy. Because for her, this party is a big event. She admitted that he believes his daughter’s birthday and your day.

      “Exactly 11 years ago I became a very happy mother giving life to this beautiful and talented girl,” Anastasia admitted.

      Volochkova posted several informative greetings in honor of the heiress, posting pictures with touching messages from friends and acquaintances. In your day Ariadne received many flowers and gifts and even to have a karaoke-party in the hall that her mom is equipped for dance classes. The girls did a lot of singing and dancing, and the ballerina also not remained on the sidelines, actively participating in the party and asking guests to set the mood.

      Daughter Anastasia Volochkova began to experiment with makeup.

      Volochkova admitted that was glad to feel years younger and feel childhood emotions. Great discussion from fans of the actress has caused a review of the star about the day when she had to give birth to a daughter. Anastasia told them that in the time was at the rehearsal, because the whole pregnancy she was dance machine and on the stage. 23 Sep 2005 she likes to remember with a special thrill.

      “Exactly 11 years ago on September 23 morning, I was in a ballet hall and did Exercise because during pregnancy I never stopped to do. And in a few hours I gave birth to Arisha. The next morning came mark Arkadievich Kurtser and saw me in the plush kombeza, checking, or missing my stretching. He asked me to go home to avoid responsibility for this madness. But I took Ariadne to go home, went to the theatre and started training and rehearsals of the ballet La Bayadere,” which a month later danced in the theatre of Yuri Grigorovich”.

      Volochkova also post a video where you can hear Ariadne calling Nikolay Baskov. He congratulated the birthday girl with her day, gave advice and promised soon to present a gift. Saturday hosted a dinner in honor of the birthday girl. Anastasia hospitable hostess has prepared delicious meals for friends heiress. The rooms have been decorated with balloons, cards, flowers. A special joy of the actress caused a cut to his daughter’s birthday and her initials, which, as noted by Anastasia, they are the same. In his microblog Volochkova thanked all the people who took part in the organization of family events.