Anastasia Volochkova can act on “the Eurovision-2017”

Анастасия Волочкова может выступить на «Евровидении-2017»
Russian ballerina wants to conquer Europe.

Анастасия Волочкова может выступить на «Евровидении-2017»

Anastasia Volochkova

Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

In one of the last
an interview with Anastasia Volochkova admitted that considering to go on “the Eurovision-2017”.
Ballerina is sure that Europe will not be able to resist her twines. According to Anastasia, not a single member of the jury will not be able to ignore her ability.

Volochkova, however, admitted that the image of the singer will feel.
So is volunteering to support the party that will
to represent Russia next year. “I would like Zhenya Plushenko in the room
Dima Bilan!” told reporters Anastasia. Later it became known that
this idea called for a ballerina while watching the final of “Eurovision” this year.

Incidentally, in order not
to lose shape and not spend time on the road, the ballerina has equipped the house special
facilities for training. The artist herself, not
hesitating, he calls this part of the house not only as “the Bolshoi theatre Anastasia
Volochkova”. There are daily three-hour workout at the Barre
famous ballerina.

By the way, recently Anastasia
came back from holiday in the Maldives, where guests demonstrated their
skills. Besides, in one of the vacation days Volochkova candid organized
photo shoot on the shores of the Indian ocean. Recall that the decision to travel was
associated with a theatrical scandal that has embroiled ballerina.

Anastasia Volochkova

Photo: @volochkova_a (Instagram Anastasia Volochkova)

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