Анастасия Волочкова отменила свадьбу Relationship ballerina with her lover went wrong. Surrounded by Anastasia Volochkova and her lover Mikhail Loginov say, that between them have become too often disagreements.
Анастасия Волочкова отменила свадьбу

When in the beginning of the year in the life of Anastasia has a new lover, programmer Mikhail Loginov, not everyone approved of her choice. After all, a ballet dancer, as a rule, are accustomed to seeing in the company of wealthy businessmen. But Volochkova has always stated that money is not important to her, the main thing that people were good. The case came to the wedding, but last week the situation changed dramatically. “StarHit” it became known that the lovers ‘ relationship went wrong.

Анастасия Волочкова отменила свадьбу

The native of Irkutsk, Mikhail Loginov is an IT specialist in an elite hotel complex in the village Novakhovo, where three years ago the ballerina purchased the mansion. It was there that they met.

The man immediately found a common language with a 12-year-old daughter Anastasia Arish. And soon moved to Volochkova in the house and started to accompany her on trips on the rights of the groom. But recently the relationship of the couple has come cooling.

“Misha loves she – said surrounded by Volochkova and Loginov. – Wanted to make a suggestion, but besides the hands, there is nothing to provide. And she got used to other level of life. The differences and grievances began to arise for different reasons. And then she decided to suspend the communication”.

Maybe a celebrity is in no hurry to resume relations with Loginov also because she has a new fan, who recently presented a ring with diamonds and rare gem – Paraiba tourmaline – for 57 million rubles! The gift she received, however, while pondering whether or not to continue communication. Still, the actress is still reeling from the break with Michael and may give him a second chance.