Anastasia Volochkova brought to a nervous breakdown

Анастасию Волочкову довели до нервного срыва

The scandal with the play “a man Came to the woman,” in which he played the ballerina, is gaining momentum. As admitted Volochkova, she began to receive threatening letters.

The debut of Anastasia Volochkova on the stage “school of modern drama” turned into a ballerina’s tremendous success. The play “a man Came to the woman,” in which the blonde star played the main role, twice had full houses. All the capital’s Beau Monde have pricked up skis in the popular setting, but then it turned out that the dancer was suspended from the role, and instead scheduled a third performance was included in Billboard a completely different setting…

“I just found out from the Directorate of the theater that must pay the penalty. For me raw performance on 30 April, with whom you and I took off for some strange reason,” he complained on the eve of the ballerina in his microblog in Instagram (read more here).

Anastasia said it was ready to go on stage and play in the play. However, the management of the theatre, apparently, this outcome was not satisfied. The ballerina has announced that she has to pay the penalty for the failure of the show.

More than two weeks from Anastasia was not news about the ill-fated play. Today, however, Volochkova once again posted on the social network an angry post in which he tried to rebuke the offenders.

“But now I just want to burst into tears! But I won’t do it. Will not bring joy to the envious! Just turn to this already ill-fated theatre! Who twisted arms, lied for money, brought me to a nervous breakdown, staged provocations, tried to embroil me with my partner, whom I myself appointed the Director Iosif Reichelgaus! — wrote the ballerina. — Over the fact that Sayid left the theatre as a bold actor! And all of your threatening letters to me! So why are you, guys?! I told you officially that I ask to terminate the contract with me! This meanness! What do you do with the artists! I’m not in the state of your theater! But I drank that! And you got me”.

In the meantime…

While lawyers Volochkova eliminate the consequences of failed cooperation of a ballerina with the theater, she has already begun work on a new role. Recently Anastasia admitted that he had accepted the offer from the drama theatre in Orenburg.

“The one saving grace… I Went from Orenburg, not with empty hands! And offer the Seeds Zlotnikov to play on his play Waltz of the lonely”, but in a new vision and with the introduction of choreography. Soon”, – wrote Volochkova in social networks.

Now Anastasia all free time spent on learning a new role. According to recent reports, half of the script she had already overcome.

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