Anastasia Volochkova brazenly molested influential official

Анастасию Волочкову нагло домогался влиятельный чиновник Day after day, the name of Harvey Weinstein, who was suspected of improper behaviour towards women remains in the center of a sex scandal. Anastasia Volochkova told reporters about the cases of harassment in the Russian show-business.

The whole world continues to discuss the situation, which was Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. A man accused of sexual harassment. While actress of the first magnitude share shocking stories, other film makers refuse to cooperate with Wainstein and make his name in the black list. Russian journalists decided to learn more about harassment in the domestic show business and asked the star to speak on a serious issue.

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During the conversation with journalists Anastasia admitted that she repeatedly received propositions, which the artist described in his book. Ballerina with anger rejected them. So, once the location Volochkova tried to achieve an influential official. The man offered the star a substantial reward, but he failed to persuade Anastasia to change his principles.

“One official from the mayor’s office of the previous convocation (an elderly man) was offered an apartment in exchange for my location. Closed the door from inside the office and blatantly harassed. I told him this: “you Know what, you better introduce me to your son or grandson!” Years passed, and I have absolutely no regrets about my words,” – said a celebrity.

In addition, Anastasia has told about sexual harassment in the world of ballet. Earlier Volochkova said that the artist regularly receive offers to spend time together with powerful men.

“The big man from the Bolshoi theatre offered me a career through personal relationships. Put me before the fact, saying that if I don’t, it will remain unpaid. I told him, “No!” He was avenged. Yes, how much of that was!” – said Anastasia.

However Volochkova sure a ballerina can achieve promotion without the provision of sexual services to influential patron. According to the stars, is the choice of each person. Anastasia called beginner dancers not to be afraid to say no to indecent proposals and when the case to go to court, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Informed about the harassment by Harvey Weinstein, the leader spoke the First channel and the head of “Roskino” Ekaterina Mtsituridze. According to the woman, the producer tried several times to win her favor. However, his efforts were not crowned with success. As a result, Harvey invited Catherine to forget about everything. TV presenter Ekaterina Mtsituridze became the centre of a sex scandal with Weinstein