Anastasia Volochkova again effectively stripped

Анастасия Волочкова вновь эффектно разделась Ballerina takes a sun bath in its original form. Anastasia sunbathing in their front yard Topless and believes it has every right to relax on my day off. “This is happiness – to Wake up when you want, sunbathe on the sun, to lie on scented of fresh grass,” wrote the star on the microblogging.

    Анастасия Волочкова вновь эффектно разделась

    Fans of Anastasia Volochkova, watching her life on Instagram, know about the mind: as soon as the dancer goes to rest on your favorite Maldives, so soon you need to wait for her bold images.

    Anastasia naked on the Maldives

    However, Anastasia demonstrates that it is able to surprise and delight their fans, without leaving your beloved home. The day before the star was given the day off, and she decided to relax completely and partially naked. Anastasia Volochkova was basking on the lawn in the same Thong from bikini, of course, not forgetting to take pictures.

    Анастасия Волочкова вновь эффектно разделась“Finally I have a day off! What is he wonderful! – shared ballerina under the image where it in its original form rests on the lawn of the house. – It is such a joy to spend it without leaving the house favorite! To do what you want and not to do anything you don’t want to. Wake up when you want, sit on the porch, sweating in the sauna, sunbathe on the sun, to lie on scented of fresh grass, cool off in a cool font and just allow yourself to be lazy, not putting on Pointe shoes”.

    The brave Anastasia Volochkova has caused mixed reactions from her followers. Opinions are voiced very different. Someone compliments the beauty and grace of a ballerina, which already need to make an effort to look impressive at your age. And someone is flogging Anastasia, pointing to the fact that she is still a mother and should care about their reputation for the sake of the younger daughter Ariadne.

    But the latter seems worried absolutely in vain. Anastasia never forgets that it is primarily the mother. Her heiress grows surrounded with attention and care. The star of the ballet with her daughter Ariadna, a very warm and trusting relationship, these volumes can be secretive, and they have no secrets from each other.

    By the way, this weekend Volochkova taking the time Ariadne. Mother and daughter together spent the evening making plans for the future. “A wonderful evening around the campfire we decided to spend with Kerry. In our solitude. We are good together. Without governesses, nannies, grandparents and caregivers. We decided together to write a strategy for its creative solutions, life goals and objectives. Ascertive graphs on paper for the senses: the possible profession and Hobbies, want it or not and it is theoretically possible”, – told Anastasia about the finale of his weekend.

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