Анастасия Винокур не планирует выходить из декрета A young mother is in no hurry to replenish the family budget. Since then, Anastasia Vinokur almost six months ago for the first time became a mother, she spends with the baby most of the time and doesn’t trust it to anyone but the closest of relatives.

      Анастасия Винокур не планирует выходить из декрета

      Anastasia Vinokur enjoys maternity leave. Ballerina first became a mother and don’t want to miss a minute of enjoying her new status. Daughter of Vladimir Vinokur and her husband Gregory Matveevici loved in the heir. Little Fyodor will soon turn six months.

      Unlike most celebrity moms, She is in no hurry to go to work. She’ll have time to preen on the red carpet and showcase dresses from leading designers during social evenings. Now the distiller is concentrated entirely different. The celebrity is happy to be there for your child. She had become so accustomed to care for him herself, only occasionally resorting to the help of grandparents that don’t even think about hiring a nanny for Fedor.

      “After I became a mother, my life has changed dramatically. First, I stopped working. With 17 years my max was a long vacation and now my baby is five months, and all this time I do not work. The babysitter we hired, so my whole life is now dedicated solely to motherhood, ” says Anastasia, adding that in any case can not refuse the help of the grandparents. In the end, we must continue to work and develop in order to be more interesting to your child.”

      It is not excluded that winokur will return to work before Fede will be three years, and he will go to kindergarten. She already enjoyed taking part in photo shoots, dedicated to the work. Not long ago, the dancer was photographed for one of the publications in the manner of a circus artist. The young mother was so pleased with this process that she began to feel nostalgic for the old days.

      It turns out that at the age of 19, Anastasia took a leave of absence at the Bolshoi theatre and went to work as a sports instructor in Turkey. It was a completely new experience for the aspiring ballerina. For a month she learned to fly on the trapeze, walk the tightrope, to do in the ring. In the sea Vinokur bathed only once, because the rest did not have any time.

      “Rehearsed circus show, which took place in the amphitheater for 1200 people, at night, because the daytime was too hot. Parents wrote messages: “Nastya, where are you, where are you, why’d you hang up?” I worked 20 hours a day, slept only four hours. But all this is so like me! It was one of the best experiments of my life and I never regret it,” recalls the star in an interview with “Peopletalk”.

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