Anastasia undressed for the sake of art

Анастасия Волочкова разделась ради искусства The ballerina appeared before the audience in a sexy outfit. The debut of Anastasia Volochkova on the stage really was a success – the star still gets hundreds of reviews in social networks.

      Анастасия Волочкова разделась ради искусства

      Famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova starred in the theatrical production “a man Came to the woman,” directed by Iosif Reichelgaus, which premiered this weekend. On the stage of the ex-prima of the Bolshoi theatre managed several times to appear in very sexy clothes.

      Role in the Comedy was for her debut on the stage. Interestingly, the formulation contains erotic and sex scenes. Anastasia had a chance to portray the passion with honored artist said Mahovym.

      The dancer thanked him in her Instagram. “My partner I want to say not just thanks and to Express my deepest gratitude for his support and help! – said the star. – This way and not be afraid this word, the battle we went through together! You have no idea how much effort, labour, work, experiences, struggles, nervous breakdowns, disputes with the Director, emotional outbursts, despair, contradictions, attempts to defend the creative performance solution, removing the naphthalene and domestics and turning it into a story today, ennobling and chelovechik and the situation and personality of the characters..and many other things we had during this period two difficult months to survive!”

      Famous blonde did not hesitate to appear before the audience in sexy dresses that emphasize her gorgeous shape. Previously, the dancer explained why he decided to debut onstage in such skimpy clothes. The celebrity believes that the viewer should be interesting to watch what is happening on the stage, and if this will help her stockings or a tasteful combination, she does not see anything reprehensible.

      Volochkova admitted that he trained hard for their debut, conducting at rehearsals most of my free time. According to her, every day, about 11 hours she spent on the stage, ready to play. Before the show, the star shared her excitement with followers of her microblog. “When the first bell rang before the first time in my life transfectable that I was not a viewer and an actress, it seemed to me that this is the most exciting first call”, – told Anastasia about his emotions before the premiere.

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