Anastasia tries to get a job to Galkin

Анастасия Волочкова пытается устроиться на работу к Галкину The dancer auditioned for the role of co-host of the show “Maximmaxim”. In order to get a place on the First channel, Anastasia Volochkova had to perform some creative jobs Maxim Galkin. In the eyes of the spectators diva get used to the role of a tiger, the hare and the hedgehog.

      Анастасия Волочкова пытается устроиться на работу к Галкину

      On the First channel with success entertaining evening show “Maximmaxim” Maxim Galkin. Not long ago, the entertainer has announced the casting for the role of his co-host, and now, in every program he introduces the audience to the next applicant for the vacant position. Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin has put forward the ultimatum

      On the eve to prove that she is worthy to be a partner of Maxim Galkin, a Studio project came ballerina Anastasia Volochkova. Gorgeous dress emerald green with a deep neckline and open back was emphasized by the wonderful figure of a gorgeous blonde. But the host decided to go by contradiction. Maxim Galkin invented for Anastasia a creative job, where you had to do without a hint of beauty.

      Having donned the way a theater Director, the host asked the dancer to transform first the tiger, then rabbit, well after the hedgehog. The applause and laughter of the audience in the hall Anastasia brilliantly coped with the task, and quite naturally looked to the circumstances.

      “Anastasia, you best be able the role of beautiful women. So play on the stage only!”, – summed up Maxim Galkin. Remained unclear, he will call a dancer to work in the show or not. But it seems that Volochkova itself is not very exciting. She was more worried about how it looked from the outside and fit in the format of entertainment. Doubt diva shared with subscribers of his microblog, by publishing a video with his participation in the show.

      “Who was watching on the Ground “Maximmaxim”? Maxim Galkin – lovely! But did I this format? I’m a very positive person in life. But there are appropriate my sense of humor? You be the judge! Max – unreal! Love it! And even if I did not match his enormous talent, it did everything that I could!”, – wrote the ballerina.

      Fans of Anastasia Volochkova assured her that it was enjoyed by all: she, her dress and funny hedgehog, which she was portrayed. “Was very fun! Thank you! Cheer”, “all of you, my dear, good clothes. Main image not to forget to go, and then coming home to a crew cut, carried away”, “Very cool. I admire you!”, “As you there is a light emerald color dress. And very carefully this dress frames Your shoulders! All very worthy and positive!”, – write followers Volochkova.