Anastasia told about the serious condition of his father

Анастасия Волочкова рассказала о тяжелом состоянии отца Famous ballerina reveals that her dad never recovered after a stroke. The tragedy of a relative of the star took place nine years ago. Anastasia gave Yuri Fedorovich vital gift.
Анастасия Волочкова рассказала о тяжелом состоянии отца

Yuri F. Volochkov suffered a double stroke almost 10 years ago. Known daughter Anastasia gave his father the latest wheelchair which will improve his life. The ballerina shared the happy news with followers on Instagram.

“Hard for me, darling, to write this post. And despite all my attempts to help him, bought a wheelchair-and home-office chair. Recently I learned that dad’s can facilitate the movement and lives of the people who take care of it, thanks a wheelchair, with fitted mechanisms. As previously I did not know about these technologies!” – told fans of the ballerina.

According to the ballerina, she was waiting for the delivery of wheelchairs from Germany 2 months. For father’s Anastasia this gift will be a surprise.

“And this stroller will soon be a dad! It is collapsible! What would make them all life. I don’t know who the inventor of this building, but from the heart-thank you. Dad doesn’t know yet…But I hope it will be easier”, – said Volochkova.

“Dad 20 years collecting my photos, newspaper clippings. I love to review them. This again showed me the photos of different years, where I like him most. Then we turned on the drive on which my new video: I filmed with the player Alexander Bridge. The father saw him and did a thumbs up – cool! To each my arrival the father prepares a special surprise to please a small but important for the whole family achievement. This time his left hand played with the Kerry table tennis,” said Anastasia in an interview.

Famous ballerina has told reporters and the public that can not get used to the fact that her father – the athlete, the coach, the champion of the Soviet Union table tennis in a wheelchair. After experiencing a stroke Yuri Fedorovich right half of the body was completely paralyzed.

“But he is a fighter, never gives up. Every day forcing yourself to re-learn the movement of a hand, foot, long engaged in physical therapy, developing muscles. Speaks in gestures, makes a few sounds – “in-in”, “co-co”. We learned to understand his emotions in the eyes. I’m glad he lost memory,” he told the actress to journalists.

Fans expressed their support Anastasia and Yury Fedorovich by Volochkova.

“Patience you, my dear. Soul we are with you. We pray for you”, “You are a wonderful daughter!”, “I sincerely wish health to your father, Anastasia!”, “May God grant all health!”, “Good for you!”, “Health to Your dad!” – wished the users of the Network.