Anastasia Sumska struck the figure in a swimsuit after giving birth

Анастасия Шубская поразила фигурой в купальнике после родов
18 August 2018 24-year-old Anastasia Subsky gave birth to the son of hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.

Анастасия Шубская поразила фигурой в купальнике после родов

“18.08.2018… thank you my girl for the most beautiful day in life “

gently wrote in the blog Alexander my son’s birthday. A boy named Sergei.

Анастасия Шубская поразила фигурой в купальнике после родов

Later the pair talked about how the birth of your baby:

“In this post I want to Express my gratitude to all our family, my incredible doctor,obstetrician-gynecologist @mbubucea. Mariana Bubuka – person from whom comes this power,positive and warm beside her feeling so serene, so during labor I am absolutely not experienced no excitement no fear! After such delivery want to bear and give birth))) I am so happy that I found out about You! Thank you for your professionalism! You are brilliant, that’s a fact! Not going to paint all Your certificates etc, I’m afraid it’s just not going to fit. p.s. I can say, for those who are reading this post and thought, “Well, the is, and it is for free delivery and so on” I have in any event free delivery, insurance. So this post was written from the heart and from the heart! Thanks again @mbubucea ! We love you”.

Анастасия Шубская поразила фигурой в купальнике после родов

A couple of days ago, Anastasia has decided to publish a photo in a swimsuit, describing how losing weight after childbirth:

“I decided to share with you my recovery after childbirth, as so many issues in Direct for this reason. So, let’s begin) the day of birth my weight gain was attention! 21 kg at the same time, I can’t say that a strong increase in the volume of the hands or feet, the diet I followed throughout pregnancy, very rarely allowing himself the sweet. Sergey was born 4100 and I am very grateful that he decided to be born a week early and not gained the weight that was his dad’s (Sasha was born 5550),so most of the weight gain was stomach! weighed in 2 days , I was -14 kg, which of course was incredibly excited) Confused only the stomach but on the advice of friends, I immediately put essential postpartum thing-a tight bandage , and literally after 3 days,the belly is almost gone! The remaining pounds so quickly go for several reasons: 1) Little sleep and proper nutrition( I try to eat often but little. For Breakfast the egg and yogurt, lunch salad, dinner chicken or fish, snacks, fruit, cheese and coffee with milk,no sweets and flour) 2) Procedure: Once a week I go to my doctor for laser sculpture of the abdomen + lymphatic drainage, as well as at home make a wrap ( for now use the mask fanghi d’alga GUAM) , before him the salt scrub and smear all kinds of creams and oils for toning the skin ( most of the tools from Guam and clarins) That something like that yet. I hope at least some useful information you got!All a wonderful day, and remember that the faster would come the form need necessarily correct, fighting spirit, and even if at first you do not see a positive dynamics, as wanted, do not worry and do not worry, everything will be! ps: what would I Want to put in “news”, a selection of their favorites(cream, oil, hair products, vitamins, etc ?)if Yes, put + in comments.”

Tell us how you lost weight after birth?

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