Anastasia Stotskaya was the victim of an Internet Scam

Анастасия Стоцкая стала жертвой интернет-мошенников The singer cheated during online shopping. Anastasia Stotskaya become a victim of unscrupulous sellers. The actress made the order, but did not get what he wanted and lost my money. She intends to apply to the scams in the court.
Анастасия Стоцкая стала жертвой интернет-мошенников

Popular artists, stars of film, television and music often try to purchase the desired item at a lower price. That is why they shop via the Internet. This kind of shopping definitely saves time and money.

Anastasia Stotskaya was not lucky, she became a victim of swindlers. The singer has bought a bag and shoes, paid for the purchase, but my things not received. Moreover, the scammers stopped to communicate and do not give the artist her money. Stotsky told of an embarrassing incident on his page in Instagram.

As reported by “StarHit” Anastasia, because of the scams she has lost almost 150 thousand rubles.

“Alas, while making purchases on Instagram, I was faced with a fraud. The seller, who is allegedly in Europe, who tricked me! Took the money for the bag and shoes and for the past two weeks making a fool of me! First claimed that my order is in Moscow, then he’s in the airport – because of the currency fluctuations some problems. Then – that order is not and it will be in may. Finally offered to return the money. Only feeds promises. In the end, neither money nor goods. The link goes intermittently only in direct, the phone is not available. As you can see, the profile is closed,” wrote Anastasia Stotskaya.

Singer and actress Stotsky urged his followers to report the account of the swindler and said that he will now deal with the scams through law enforcement agencies. But at the same time and asked the Board, what else can you do to punish unscrupulous sellers.

“In any case, don’t subscribe and don’t transfer money to that account. Press “report” and select the reason “spam”. Let no one else suffer from this aferistki! I do not know yet what else to do. But today he wrote a statement to the police. Someone already experienced similar? How to punish a crook and return the money?” – reached out to Internet users Anastasia Stotskaya.

Members of the singer supported her, thanking for the important information. “Anastasia, thank you not to be silent, and sharing this information! It is very important for others! Such tricks are caught many and only the only one talking about it out loud. Thank you for your courage,” “Well, if she’s really in Europe, a statement from Russia will do nothing, hence all you need to do… If you can help me, please!”, “Such it is necessary to put in place correctly. I think that just a statement to the police – this is the best,” wrote Stotsky followers.