Anastasia Stotskaya was officially released from the decree

Анастасия Стоцкая официально вышла из декрета
The singer and actress first came on the scene after the birth of her daughter.

Photo: Instagram

Though the stars rarely go on leave on care of the child officially, but the first return to work after a long break — it event.

Anastasia Stotskaya become a mother for the second time in may of this year. The singer and actress gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Faith. To go out star began as early as two weeks after childbirth, as very quickly got into shape and felt great. Often Stotsky took Vera to business meetings and even rehearsals.

“Giving birth to a second child, I had to give up many interesting job offers. My little one requires a mom almost every minute, — the singer speaks.— Thank you nanny and my mommy for helping with the children”.

But since Anastasia feeding her daughter breast sometimes much easier just to take the child with them.

Anastasia today for the first time after the decree came on the scene. In the Theater of the moon premiere intellectual-dramatic musical based on the play Chekhov’s “the Seagull.” The play was staged by theatre Director from South Korea Those Sik Kang. In the center of the plot — the problems of ordinary people, which are relevant at any time. And all this in the rhythm of jazz, the Blues, will sound and classical, and ballads, and even rap and hip-hop.

In addition to Stotsky in the musical singer, and Nikita Presnyakov.