Anastasia Stotskaya was in a car accident

Анастасия Стоцкая попала в аварию
The singer scratched the car.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: Instagram

In the life of Anastasia Stotskaya, it seems that the time has come of the failures. At first, the girl had a cold, then suffered migraines, which even failed several times to come on the stage musical “Singin’ in the rain”, which plays a major role. And now she will have to take your car in for repair.

The other day the girl was riding in the center of the city, when her car was hit by another car. Fortunately, the flow velocity was not very big, so the damage was minimal. The Mercedes of the singer only damaged the bumper, which, however, is not very nice. Especially when you consider that Stocki had to spend a lot of time to design an accident.

Fans Stocki immediately rushed to reassure your favorite singer, that the car is only iron, and you should not worry about this.

Anastasia decided to heed the advice of their followers on Social networks, and the next morning went to cheer myself up by shopping.

“The bumper in the trash? Start your morning in the fitting room!” — girl wrote on her personal blog, showing a trendy look straight from the cabin shop.

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