Anastasia Stotskaya was fired from the musical

Анастасию Стоцкую уволили из мюзикла The actress was asked to leave the company. After pregnancy Stotsky began to interfere with the work, the artistic Director politely asked her to leave in the decree. The singer played the role of Princess Fun in the production of “the flying ship”.

      A couple of months ago, the singer admitted that will soon become a mother for the second time. Despite the pregnancy, the star refused to work in the theater. But recently she was asked to leave the company.

      “She plays in the musical “flying ship” − says the “StarHit” Igor, a friend of the singer. – she plays the role of Princess Fun. When colleagues found out about her pregnancy, glad. Runs but has not been canceled. Moreover, they become even tougher ahead of the tour in the capital and Sochi. At Stotsky is already visible tummy, work she began to be heavier. And according to the script character we slender, and her daughter is already starting to gain weight”.

      “That is why dance movement performs slowly, sometimes because of poor health could not come on the run. A couple of times almost came to a breakdown of the final rehearsals. In General, the singer called on the carpet by the artistic Director and gently asked me to leave in the decree. Of course, imagine is Nasty someone is difficult. But first and foremost you need to think about the musical and health of the unborn child”, – said Igor.

      As told by Creator and choreographer of the musical Yegor Druzhinin, a classic cartoon about Water and Fun were supplemented by new characters. The characters become frogs, mermaids, princes, guards, and even the man-pie. In the modern version of artists sing songs in different styles: from rock-n-roll to jazz.

      Recall that the first of pregnancy Anastasia Stotskaya said “StarHit”. The artist tried to hide the interesting position from curious fans. A friend of the singer says that expecting a baby was an influence on climate in the family Stotsky.

      “The second pregnancy has made the relationship Nastya and Sergei is still perfect, even though they are so crazy about each other. The husband fulfills every whim of a Nasty, trying in everything to please her. How else, after all, she needed peace and harmony in her new life arises, now is not the time to be sad and nervous…” – said Alena.