Anastasia Stotskaya told about the benefits of breastfeeding

Анастасия Стоцкая рассказала о преимуществах грудного вскармливания
The singer boasted a big bust.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: Instagram

Anastasia Stotskaya told about the benefits
breastfeeding. Them two! So the singer
joking about my increased bust. Published in the microblog picture of the outfit with a plunging neckline, the singer signed the picture: “look In my eyes! Two
the obvious advantage of breastfeeding!”. “Left and right!” — immediately supported
the performer fans.

By the way, that Nasty feeding baby Faith a chest, does not prevent her to lead an active lifestyle. In the first
times Stotsky published a week after the birth. The actress appeared at the party for the
“Eurovision”. However, after staying at the event for an hour, returned home. With
little daughter Nastya helps her mother.

We will remind, Stotsky became
mom in early may. The delivery was in the Metropolitan hospital, where Anastasia in advance
chose a doctor. The eldest son of singer — Sasha was looking forward to at this time
news at home. The appearance of the sisters became his great joy. Anastasia
says that it helps her a lot in the care of tiny Faith.

Stotsky has no plans to sit on maternity leave. In this case
a babysitter for my daughter she is hiring will not. To sit with a girl in the absence of
Anastasia is her mother and her husband. But the son of a star, the nanny is already there, so
Sasha will be under the strict control of the assistant to the artist.