Anastasia Stotskaya second time became a mother

Анастасия Стоцкая второй раз стала мамой

Famous Russian actress and singer Anastasia Stotskaya second time became a mother. The daughter of the actress came to light yesterday, but only a few hours ago Anastasia felt the strength to tell everyone the wonderful news.

“Yesterday at 15:08 the stork brought us our Princess,” said Stotsky under the photo of a small rain – tiny-baby. The girl’s name is still unknown. Once in an interview with Anastasia mentioned that her husband Sergei asked her to name her daughter in honor of her father, Alexandra, and the second variant – name “close-close-close person who is no longer with us.”
Recall that Anastasia and Sergey already have a five year old son Alexander.
Congratulations to the singer with daughter!