Anastasia Stotskaya is selling her clothes

Анастасия Стоцкая распродает свою одежду
The singer opens store worn clothes.

Photo: Instagram

Difficult for public girls. To wear twice the same elegant dress is a real mauvais ton. Because of this many stars in an important event a long time ago not to buy toilets, and rent them in stores known for the brand in the press or social networks. But clothes still accumulates a lot. Someone solves this problem, giving the outfits friends, relatives or to charity. Anastasia Stotskaya has passed this way, and now decided to open a shop.

“I am an incorrigible Shopaholic, — admitted the singer. — In my closet things from the crowding not enough room, half of them even moved home to my mother, much given to friends and acquaintances. Among the things full of those that I’d wear just a couple of times and I no longer need for various reasons. I created an account on Instagram where I will sell clothes, shoes, bags, glasses half the price of the original cost. All products are branded (no fakes!) and in excellent quality. Dear ladies, you can find something interesting!”

Perhaps this idea came up with the star after she ran into cheaters on the Network. The artist agreed with the seller on the Internet about buying bags and shoes, then made 100% advance payment. Paid goods in the promised time, she never saw. Stotsky tried to contact the seller, but the dialogue failed.

“First she insisted that my order is in Moscow, then he was in the airport, as due to currency fluctuations some problems. Then that order is not and it will be in may. Finally offered to return the money. Only feeds promises. In the end, no money, no goods”, — said Anastasia.

Now the communication with the unscrupulous seller will deal with the police. Stotsky wrote a statement in which he said the amount of money she spent on “new things”.

“Stotskaya has addressed in police with the statement that by transferring to the Bank card of a private person purchasing bags and sneakers Louis Vuitton cost 78 thousand 61,62 thousand respectively. However, after the money transfer the goods to the applicant and has not been delivered”, — reports TASS.