Anastasia Stotskaya is a nervous wreck before the birth

У Анастасии Стоцкой сдают нервы перед родами The singer put out some fans. From day to day Anastasia Stotskaya should become a mother for the second time. Despite the fact that it tends to positive emotions, it is sometimes difficult to hold back the irritation.

Now Anastasia Stotskaya is enjoying maternity leave and talks about his thoughts while waiting the advent of a child into the world. The celebrity admitted that she did not want to experience negative emotions during pregnancy, however some detractors as if in spite of doing everything to bring Anastasia out of balance.

“To give birth exciting and I now all the annoying. I suffer live broadcasts with the fans, because right now can’t respond to some messages. My nerves are frayed. This often happens in pregnant girls. I am very emotional by nature!” – admitted the actress.

Now Stotsky is responsible for the birth of the baby. She takes pleasure in choosing future daughter a crib, a stroller, clothes and other nice stuff. Now Anastasia is waiting for the moment when you go to the clinic. Despite the rather impressive period of pregnancy, the actress continues to attend social events and lead a fairly active lifestyle. Recently, she came to personally congratulate Philip Kirkorov with its 50-year anniversary.

Many women prefer not to feel the pain of childbirth, and therefore have resorted to various drugs and methods that alleviate the suffering. However, Stotsky of a different opinion – she thinks for the happiness of becoming a mother is ready to suffer a little bit. Pregnant Stotsky abuse sweets the day before your birth

“I am very worried that all went well. The more that you give birth itself, without any stuff in the form of anesthesia, which has become very popular in recent years. I read a lot of different books on this subject and totally agree that children need the most. The mother should give the baby the opportunity to take the path that nature intended, on their own. Of course, those girls who have for whatever reason to painkillers, I can not blame. It is everyone’s business. But my baby should be born naturally, no epidural. It will be right!” – says the singer in conversation with journalists of the newspaper “Interlocutor”.