Anastasia Stotskaya dress up newborn baby

Анастасия Стоцкая наряжает новорожденного ребенка The singer posted a photo of his daughter. Anastasia Stotskaya shared with the subscribers touching photograph in the company of his mother and heiress. In the post, a woman shared details of the birth.

Anastasia Stotskaya has two children: five year old son Sasha and new baby Faith. The second child of the actress was born less than a week ago. It was looking forward to not only star in the family, but also fans of celebrities. Not to torment fans, a day after the birth of a happy brunette posted in “Instagram” the daughter. But the photo okazalos blurred, and the girl on it is almost not to see.

Recently, however, in the microblogging beauty there was one touching post. The card depicted three generations at once: the singer herself, her mother and tiny Faith. But this time the star has left fans chances to see its successor. She covered the girl’s face emojis in the form of a heart. But the woman was generous with words of gratitude. Anastasia told about the people who helped her during pregnancy and childbirth.

“This is a picture of us before leaving home. Today we have five days, and yesterday we checked out. Feel great. Want to say a big thank you to my mommy. A low bow to her for that whole time she was there helped. Thanks to my doctor and all the staff for what you do, create all the conditions to babies born naturally. I spent three nights and four days in the ICU. And all the time felt calm and confident,” wrote the actress.

Subscribers Stotsky was delighted by what he saw of the picture. They were especially impressed by the young beauty outfit: a pale pink suit with flowers and ruffles. They hurried to wish darling and her baby all the best. And asked to quickly show cute features of a newborn.

“Congratulations to your family wholeheartedly! Grow big and healthy!”, “Anastasia, what a wonderful you!”, “Hurrah! Photos went! So, we’ll soon see a girl in all its glory!”, “Two Queens and a Princess in the middle!”, “Good luck to you and patience! And most importantly, good health to your daughter!” commented followers.

But some fans of the singer did not bother covered the baby’s face. They willingly began to speculate on the appearance of a newborn. Users of the social network was filled with confidence that the Faith of a copy of Anastasia. By the way, in a recent interview she brunette said that her heiress is similar for all members of the family: father, grandfather and grandmother. But the artist sees his traits in the appearance of the daughter.