Анастасия Стоцкая развеяла мифы вокруг мужа The singer first showed his wife. Long time fans of Anastasia Stotskaya didn’t know how exactly looks the man of her choice. This is what spawned a lot of rumors and gossip, to deny that a celebrity tired.

      Popular singer Anastasia Stotskaya does not seek to indulge in their personal life to outsiders. Despite the fact that the artist herself – a public persona, however, she tries to protect private life of the relatives from the public. Carefully the singer was hiding her husband, the businessman Sergei. Despite the fact that the couple has been together for more than six years, the chosen one is not published with his wife, does not fall into the camera lenses. Occasionally it may be in the tape microblog Anastasia, but then the artist tries to make her husband’s face was not visible.

      Recently Stotskaya celebrated the fifth anniversary of his beloved son Alexander. The brightest moments of the celebration she showed in the short video, which is posted in the microblog. The footage clearly shows spouse of the singer, which makes a great birthday cake for a child. Fans could not help but notice that the boy grows a copy of the father – the same dark-haired and brown-eyed.

      Long time fans Stotsky constantly discussed the fact that the heir to the artist is incredibly similar to the son of the king of pop Philip Kirkorov Martin. Anastasia did not hide his irritation when strangers relished the subject. Now, in all probability, a detailed rumors will stop once and for all.

      Anastasia admits that happily married to restaurateur. Despite family life and the upbringing of the heir, Stotsky never ceases to be creative. Artist performs at concerts, touring and a caring husband fully supports her initiatives and does not reproach in permanent employment. Sergei understands that energy Anastasia enough for the stage, and for the family.

      “For him, the main value is family, he infinitely loves the son and takes pleasure in walking with him, driving in all the clubs,” said Stotsky. – I also whenever possible try to be at home with her, to create comfort. This whole story called “family life” I love it”.

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