Анастасия Стоцкая решилась на эксперимент с прической
The singer was replaced by a familiar image.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: @100tskaya (Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya)

Anastasia Stotskaya definitely loves being the center of attention. Singer, fiery red hair which has long been her “calling card”, decided on a sudden change of hairstyle. Stotsky visited the beauty salon where she was experimented stylist. The result of the singer shared with your subscribers.

Now head Anastasia is decorated with many playful curls. Now fashionable hairstyle of the singer came to us from the 80’s. Fans Stotsky was delighted with the new image of his idol. In her address, wrote a lot of good reviews and compliments. Incidentally, it is possible that Anastasia curls all as a result of Curling and styling. So, after a couple of days the singer will probably return to the usual hairstyle.

By the way, in that cheerful form Anastasia should particularly like her son — Sasha. Artist tries to hold the boy all the free time. Even when she scheduled social events, she never misses an opportunity to talk to Sasha. Recently, Anastasia appeared with his grown son at a fashion show. The toddler might not be interested in swimsuits, skirts and tops from the new line of dresses of the designer, however, had a great time at the waterfront in the heart of Moscow, with pleasure got acquainted with the guests of the festival and even gave his first, albeit quite a short interview. “It’s very beautiful and exciting” — so simple commented on Sasha’s party.

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