Анастасия Стоцкая рассталась с мужем
The singer refused to stay in Europe.

Анастасия Стоцкая рассталась с мужем

Anastasia Stotskaya with his son and mother

Photo: @100tskaya Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya

Anastasia Stotskaya few days ago I first left on vacation with two children. In addition to the six-year-old son Alexander, the singer took with him on vacation to the sea a little daughter. Faith recently turned three months and she’s already made its first journey.

Anastasia Stotskaya

Photo: @100tskaya (Instagram Anastasia Stotskaya)

Contrary to the expectations of fans, Stotsky not follow the example of Polina Gagarina, who spent the holidays with his little daughter on the Cote d’azur or Ksenia Borodina, resting in the moment with children in Turkey. Anastasia with son, daughter and the mother (main carer for the care of the children) went to the Crimea. Before this trip, the singer was there only in transit during the tour, but flew back with the hope that the vacation in Alushta will justify itself.

By the way, the singer spends the holidays without her husband — he couldn’t go with family because of work. “Usually, we love to relax in Europe, but not in time to do a passport Vera, and time to rest just two weeks. This time we are flying to Crimea, Alushta with my mom and kids. Our daddy stayed in Moscow to work, the nanny can’t go with us. I love Crimea, but usually fly there on tour. I hope that as a place to stay he won’t disappoint me!” — told Anastasia the other day.