Anastasia Stotskaya become a mother for the second time

Анастасия Стоцкая стала мамой во второй раз
The singer gave birth to a daughter.


Anastasia Stotskaya eve gave birth to a beautiful baby in one of
Moscow’s top clinics. The girl was born weighing 3370 grams and growth of 53 see Singer announced the joyful event through the social network.

The birth went well, mother and daughter are doing
well. “We are fine! Thank you for the congratulations,” said Stotsky.

We will remind, Anastasia, which has long preferred not to advertise a new pregnancy, but when you hide the “interesting position” has become impossible, shared in his microblocks that soon will become a mother for the second time. “Happiness a woman can’t
to hide forever… That will soon hatch and my dog!” — shared

In the family of Anastasia Stotskaya is already growing five year old son
Alexander. The singer with her husband had long dreamed of a daughter and now, her dreams came true.