Anastasia stopped recognizing fans

Анастасию Волочкову перестали узнавать поклонники
Hot photos in swimsuit “blew up” the Network.


Photo: Instagram

The publication of photos of Anastasia Volochkova, where
she poses in a swimsuit has caused a storm in the Network. It seemed that fans of the ballerina was used to her half-naked
pictures, but this time Volochkova has surpassed itself.

Long hair and competently
the matching swimsuit made of Anastasia, in the opinion of the subscribers to its microblog, the goddess. “What a beautiful! Photo — bomb! Mermaid! Here are the pictures
you need to publish it! Gorgeous! What a stunning figure,” — admired by the fans.
Even the haters had nothing to say. However, critics still did not reply.
“It’s not her! You do not see? Face is absolutely different! Yes, it’s just photoshop. Not
can it be that it was Anastasia, a girl like her!” — outraged
they’re obviously shocked beautiful shot, by the way, the usual twine

Internet users were unanimous in one thing: more
such beautiful pictures, less outrageous and bizarre behavior, and in the posts
Anastasia on her page in the social Network would be considerably less vicious and
caustic comments.