Anastasia spoke about the new novel and the wedding in Thailand

Анастасия Волочкова заговорила о новом романе и свадьбе в Таиланде The ballerina told about simptech to the man. During a holiday in Phuket Anastasia spends a lot of time with the poet Hakim Bulibekov. According to star, he’s literally gone to her head.

Anastasia is on vacation in Thailand. She flew to sunbathe in the hot region together with the family. The dancer never ceases to delight fans of pictures in an eye-catching swimwear ,and also shares impressions of the holiday. According to Anastasia, Phuket was an island of magic, wonder and love.

It on vacation, the artist became acquainted with the poet Hakim Bulibekov, which spends a lot of time. He accompanies Anastasia during her entertainment. In one of the last posts star admitted feelings for him.

“I fell in love with Kazakh poet Hakim Bolibekov. He charmed me with its poetry and power of his positive. What to do? I dreamed of a wedding in Paris… But now I think, not to mention here in Phuket?” – says Volochkova.

Earlier Volochkova was in a relationship with businessman Michael. However, in Thailand, she flew without it.

Ballerina closed comments on vacation, so tired of the criticism and comments of the haters. Network users often do not like her outfits, as well as too Frank bathing suits.

“Come here a bright idea. I always listen to your advice. Some irritate my mini-bikinis on the beach. To swim in a coat it would be awkward,” joked Volochkova.

Anastasia has repeatedly admitted that he dreams to marry again and start a family. It is important to be happy with a man. Earlier it was designed officially.

“I’ve never been married: the stamps in the passport we never put. I had a show. And now I want a family. If you decide to get married again, I would like a wedding in Paris, in a Catholic Church. Everything will be even classier! Imagine being a bride with a train in 25-metre, to angels it was carrying…. Seven wedding dresses removable! It is possible to dream!” – said the ballerina “StarHit”.

The star serious demands of men. It is important that the chosen one was reliable. “To me there might be one who is more powerful than my spirit, opportunity, energy. And as a creative person with me is not easy. Now all thoughts are busy working on the new show, which will include dance, vocal and circus arts. Favorite comes home, and listening to him about all this”, – said Volochkova.