Анастасия Спиридонова поделилась подробностями свадьбы The celebration will be held in August in Pskov, the home town of the singer and her lover Anton. The wedding will take place in two days: first painted, and then the festivities. It turned out that Anastasia and Anton studied together in school.

Anastasia Spiridonova said that she met future husband.

We went from the fifth through seventh grades, – says the “StarHit” Spiridonov. – Then Anton went tains to Saint-Petersburg. Many years later fate brought us back. And now we have the bride and groom. That’s how it is! Anton is in no way affiliated with the scene. At the wedding will all our numerous relatives. For me, it’s an event where everyone should meet, build friendships and understand that we have become two times more.

The singer dreams of a traditional wedding. Dress is the same – a classic dress with sequins, stones and beads.

“Marriage for us is not a parade, fireworks and expensive attributes – smiling performer. Is a holiday for us and friends. The opportunity to spend some time together outdoors in summer. And to celebrate the creation of a new family”.

Recall that Anastasia became famous thanks to the participation in the project “the Voice.” After the show, the girl continued to speak. Not so long ago the star had brought Russia victory in the festival “White nights”, which was held from 20 to 22 July 2018. On the stage the Ice Palace ten young talented contestants from nine countries and famous artists of the world and domestic stage. The absolute victory of Russia brought Anastasia Spiridonova won the Grand Prix of the contest.

The representative of Russia was in the lead during the whole time, gaining maximum points. Anastasia Spiridonova, the winner of the show “Three chords”, showed the world the level of performance, hitting the audience and jury members powerful vocals and soulful performance. As a result, her song “Tsunami”, premiered on the second day of the contest, like the audience and the jury members, was awarded not only rewards, but also rotation on Russian radio. The highest award of the festival Anastasia received from the hands of his idol, four-time winner of the “Grammy”, the singer from the UK SEAL.

Another representative of Russia, Edward, took second place in the competition, losing only to the representative of the United States Mr Mother. The third prize went to a singer from Thailand.

July 22, at the gala concert of the festival together with the finalists made such legendary artists as Kool & the Gang. Together with the Western colleagues delighted the audience with performances and awarded the winners of Russian artists of the first echelon of Philip Kirkorov, Sergey Lazarev and other celebrities.