Anastasia shamed the hackers who stole her intimate photos

Анастасия Волочкова пристыдила хакеров, укравших ее интимные фото The ballerina spoke about the scandalous pictures that spread on the Network. Anastasia Volochkova has signaled that it is outraged by the behavior of attackers, allowing himself to hack other people’s accounts and steal personal data.
Анастасия Волочкова пристыдила хакеров, укравших ее интимные фото

In the Network appeared the photographs of an intimate nature, which, allegedly, sealed Anastasia Volochkova. The photographs, which were published online, the woman, like a star, spent time in the company of a businessman. Later he stated that he does not communicate with the artist for more than a year and expressed regret at the situation. As it turned out, hackers broke into the accounts of the entrepreneur in social networks, however, have promulgated personal data only after some time. The man also expressed confidence that the attackers will be found.

“StarHit” contacted Anastasia Volochkova with a request to speak about the scandalous pictures. The actress said that is not going to make excuses, and shame malefactors who dared to publish such photos. The star did not hide the fact that it is extremely outraged by their act.

“If someone decided to use me as a weapon in their PR, God will judge him. Everyone stirs the sex Volochkova, now you can sleep peacefully. I have it right, and those who have no sex, and he puts such pictures. Disgusting, of course. A shame that who it exposes. The strong do not need excuses and they are weak will not help. I can’t and won’t make excuses for the actions of scum”, Anastasia said.

Meanwhile, users of social networks ambiguously reacted to the publication of photographs depicting a woman like Volochkova. Many were quick to support the ballerina, publicly condemning the actions of cybercriminals that hacked into other people’s accounts. In their opinion, Anastasia is not worth paying attention to such low deeds.

Recall that recently, the ballerina has been a misunderstanding with the TV presenter Dana Borisova. The TV star, who was treated for addiction in Thailand, suspected Anastasia in the harmful addiction. Borisov urged the public to launch an operation to rescue a well-known dancer. Volochkova was extremely surprised by the statement of the colleagues on show-to business.

“You never know what can come up with a sick man. And why do I need excuses? I believe that in the new life you have to log in with positivity and not with dirty thoughts, using other names for their advertising. As it is Given now. Claim and said to her we were never friends. Moreover, I have repeatedly thwarted the attempts to use my name for his own purposes”, – said Volochkova.

Dana Borisova later publicly apologized to the dancer and said it misinformed social media users. “I was only talking about that get a lot of emails from people asking for help and support you. We both know how hard it is for women like you and me, to go through life,” commented the leader.