Анастасия Решетова откровенно рассказала о приступах булимии The model shared the secrets to a perfect figure. Recently Anastasia Reshetova wrote his first book, which told how she began her own path to excellence and what problems she had to face. Was that shape girls weren’t always like this.

Anastasia Reshetova for a long time to announce the appearance of its first manuscript, which she shares with fans and simply not indifferent to a healthy way of life of the people interesting facts about the body. The model says that she had to understand by trial and error. In the book “Today I woke up different,” the author tells the story of difficulties surmounted for the shapes of dreams. It turned out that in addition to isotretinonin training in the gym and endless dieting, the brunette was vulnerable and that mental illness, like bulimia and anorexia.

“I have no understanding of what’s really going on, I was a little progress, and I continued to lose weight. I thought that arrow on the scales dropped even lower. In the end I dropped about eight pounds in two months, which is quite a lot for such a short period,” – says Anastasia in his own book.

In addition, according to the girl, at that time she was exhausting herself to death and not involved in sports. Her only dream before going to sleep was to Wake up and have Breakfast, as even Apple, eaten at night, seemed to be the cause of extra pounds. So, after a short amount of time, the model began to suffer from obsessions about food. High-calorie desserts, inviting and appetizing smells began to reshetovaa the main object of desire.

In one of the chapters socialite remember a trip to France for the summer holidays, where she encountered an abundance of delicious food. Then the girl for two months followed a strict diet without eating sugar, but the culinary delights made her snap.

“I had to try a little piece, and my body like crazy. I ate another and another, unable to stop. That evening, some few hours, I literally ate two main dishes, several appetizers, a whole pizza and five desserts. The next day I was just beating myself, I specifically caused the vomiting, that in any case, calories eaten, not deposited in my body” – says an aspiring writer.

Perhaps it is a bumpy ride helped the model to get on the right path and get the body of your dreams. Note that now the brunette carefully followed, not only for food but also for regular training. In her microblog with an enviable constancy appear photos from the sports hall after school where the Anastasia remains very pleased with himself. Note that forms of znamenitosti postarayutsya thousands of followers. They have long been dreaming to get the book girls to try to avoid the mistakes made favorite. The head of the “Any experience is good. My mistakes at work” Reshetov shared with the portal Woman.ru.