Anastasia Reshetova already found a replacement for Timothy?

Анастасия Решетова уже нашла замену Тимати?
Discussing the breakup of the rapper with the bride.

Anastasia Reshetova

Photo: @volkonskaya.Instagram reshetova Anastasia Reshetova

While in social networks are discussing a possible breakup of Timothy and Anastasia Reshetova, in his bride’s rapper there was a photo of an expensive gift. A generous admirer presented her with the keys to the luxury of the jeep with the “thieves” numbers. The cost of this car starts from nine million rubles! Fans speculated that Reshetova could she afford to buy such a machine. “If This… yet! But I have yet to come, says the gift Anastasia. — My new baby a 4×4!”

Meanwhile, Timothy and Reshetova unsubscribed from each other in the social network, and then deleted all the photos together. It is possible that the relationship of the couple escalated after the scandal during the MUZ-TV. Then Ksenia Sobchak live allowed himself a cheeky comment about the model: “I think, “my God! Poor Simon Yakovlevna! (Timothy’s mom — approx. ed.)” What must she feel?! Grow up boy, kid, small, but with such ceremony will go. The horror!”

Timothy and his mother laughed in response, but Anastasia felt humiliated. “We all smiled, until it was the realization that Xenia said…” — commented on the incident later Reshetova. Earlier, the mother of rapper fueled rumors about problems in the relationship of the son with Anastasia. Supposedly Reshetova could not make friends with the daughter of Timothy. Now, social networks are wondering if Anastasia and Timothy broke up, who gave Reshetovaa expensive cars? Maybe the model found a more worthy candidate to be your husband?

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