Anastasia Prikhodko officially refused from the song “Mamo”

Анастасия Приходько официально отказалась от песни «Мамо»

Famous Ukrainian singer Anastasia Prikhodko, in the past – participant of the Russian “factory of stars” announced his decision never to sing a song “Mamo” which represented Russia at the international musical contest “Eurovision” in 2009 (when she took 11th place).

Then it came to me to the singer during a concert in one of the regions of Ukraine, after which she wrote on his page in the social network appeal:
“My dear friends, I want to thank You for your support of my new existence, that you warmly accept my songs, my music! I’m going to do everything in order to be born in Ukraine as a singer. I started from scratch. Everyone knows that my path began with Russia and as a singer I was there! So everyone knew that I am))) Now I’m from Russia does not need neither fame nor recognition of, the important thing is that they say “it is ours”! But I am Ukrainian, my name Prikhodko! And when I first sang his own songs, I realized that I could reach Your heart it is his vision of the world in the texts. You gave me a new life with their applause.. Now I’m officially backing off of the song “Mamo”! I will never sing it at his concerts. With this song, I represented Russia, and now she’s lost to me forever, I no longer feel this song, don’t understand and therefore can’t cheat You and give fake emotions!!! I want to appear in Ukraine as a singer. Everything I do, I do for You! Thank you I have! Sincerely and forever Your Anastasia Prikhodko is Ukrainian”.

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