Анастасия Приходько теперь народная артистка Украины

August 24 Independence Day of Ukraine, singer of the famous hit “Mama” has got a title of “Honored artist” she is not expecting.

Анастасия Приходько теперь народная артистка Украины

The actress said that did not expect such a surprise and quietly prepared for his speech. “In Independence Day, when I suddenly began to congratulate with the title of Honored artist of Ukraine, I was preparing to perform in Kropiwnicki, – says the singer. – During the first greetings didn’t even understand what’s going on!”

Of course, Prikhodko rushed enthusiastically to thank everyone who believed in her. “All my loved ones, friends, colleagues, fans! Everyone who continues to believe in me and my music! Thank you for you! Glory To Ukraine!”

Anastasia has already won numerous awards before receiving the title. In her list there are many state awards of Ukraine, which, of course, was headed by the main title. For example, Prikhodko there are a lot of votes, one of them is gratitude “For significant contribution to the protection of native lands on the territory of Luhansk oblast”

In 2007 Anastasia won the Russian show on the First channel called “Factory of stars-7”, which raised its ratings to a new level. This victory helped her go on tour in the United States, Canada, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, Germany, Georgia, Chechnya, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia. Recitals the singer has collected a full house of his fans. The sports Palace was filled to satiety. Moreover, the singer was invited to the musicals that were shown on TV. It never ceased to disappear from the screen. Magazines, the cover of which appeared Prikhodko, collected quite a lot of readers. Awards from Ukraine it not only because Anastasia received the award as in other countries. For example, she is the owner of the award “Tashir”, which was earned and received in Armenia.

Анастасия Приходько теперь народная артистка Украины

In 2009 Anastasia Prikhodko was picked to represent Russia at the famous Eurovision song contest. There she performed his popular hit, “Mother”, which has long sang, both Russians and citizens of other countries. But the stranger insisted to sing the song the same in Ukrainian, and was awarded the diploma of “Nobility of soul”.

During the revolution on the Maidan in 2013, the singer first took to an improvised stage in front of thousands of people that would support them. There, she sang songs and supported the fighters for the country speeches. The girl is not sent medical aid and cooked food.

Not rarely Prikhodko went into the zone ATO de support the fighters. She performed there as part of her tour “Heroes never die”. Her tour continued in the United States, Spain, and Italy, where the singer earned $ 50,000. who gave to support fighters ATO, the fugitive families and children-orphans.

That is their business for the country, Anastasia Prikhodko, has earned the title that will be proud to carry further.