Анастасия Овечкина: «Сердце разрывается от мысли, как ему сейчас страшно!»
Wife of hockey player rushed to the aid of friends.

Anastasia Ovechkina with your pet — Blake

Photo: @nastyashubskaya Instagram Anastasia Subsky

Anastasia Ovechkina recently shared their experiences. As it turned out, close friends of the wife of the Russian hockey in the city center lost dog. Wife of Alexander Ovechkin took the loss of a pet very close to my heart and has published in his microblog a cry for help.

“Dear friends! Very close to me was in a panic, ran the dog, the Yorkshire Terrier!The heart is thought as he is now scared, lonely and cold… If someone sees the baby, please email direct!” — posted by Subsky. For his recording of the girl attached the photo of the missing pet.

By the way, Anastasia and Alexander are big animal lovers. In the house hockey last year there was a dog breed Labrador named Blake. The decision to get a pet dog the pair had adopted almost immediately after the announcement of the engagement.

By the way, in August of this year, Ovechkin and Subsky tied the knot. The wedding was strictly classified — responsible event attended by only the couple and their parents. But the holding of celebrations for friends of the wife, for unknown reasons, decided to postpone for the year ahead. So next summer, when hockey season is over, Alexander and Anastasia will have to organize a noisy wedding party.